Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Soapbox on Parenting

This seemed to touch many other hearts and minds and so I wanted to share it again.  I will preface this with even though this post came from an article I read in response to the "Miley Fiasco" I was truly applauding the author of the article about how they parent.  I am not supporting or bashing Miley, I am simply saying, "step up", "be a parent", "raise God-fearing, respectful, kind, caring, compassionate Children."

I will also say, Mike and I don't have it all right.  We mess up daily with parenting.  I was a Junior High minister for years, but having your own, whew, that is a whole different story!! I will also preface this with a couple of facts.  I am "Mom" to A and N, but I am also technically Step-mom.  Our kids have dealt with their face share of cruddy situations when it comes to their upbringing, their hurdles they have had to overcome, their situations and their lack of key people in their lives at a young age.  I will also tell you that we have never allowed this to be an excuse for disrespectful or bad behavior.

We will all parent different from one another, we will likely all judge each other at some point or another about our parenting choices, we will have our victory's, our major falls and our "thank God we just made it through the day" moments.

No matter what, I don't think there is an excuse for parents to not parent.

Here's what I wrote on 8/26/2013 about this article entitled Dear Daughter, Let Miley Cyrus Be A Lesson To You. 

I didn't watch last night, I don't know what went down, I honestly don't care too much, but I love what this article has to say and I know that this article says a whole lot about how Mike and I raise our children. People don't always understand and that is ok, but our job is to be there parent first, teaching them about respect and life and how to be a well respected citizen of their school, city, country. 

I watch far too many children from far to young of an age on think that they are entitled to anything and everything. It is not ok. It does not help our children, it hurts them. 

Tonight I sat at a Boy Scout Court of Honor while many boys were recognized for some very prestigious awards. Three Scouts sat in the front row laughing, talking and even at one point "boo-ing" during this event. I left just feeling absolutely sick. I personally asked them 3 times to be respectful, all while their parents just say back and watched this happen. 

Parents, WAKE UP! There is a time for everything. There are times to laugh and joke with your children, their are times to celebrate their accomplishments, but there are also times to teach and to discipline! 

Jesus gave us rules to follow and obey, to help us have a full life and to teach us right and wrong. We have consequences, why give your child a false sense of reality? You are hurting them! 

Our son called our daughter a bad name this afternoon. He had his brand new Kadama (he has waited for this for 6 months and just got it this weekend) taken away, his phone is in my possession, he didn't get video games or TV time, he also has to work on finding 3 special things to do for his sister and give her 5 genuine compliments. When he does those things he will get privileges back. He has been doing whatever he can and truly taking time to think about what he can do for his sister and how he can do special things for her that normally wouldn't happen. 

We have to stop laughing off things our kids do and we must teach them respect and show them respect. One of the ways my husband and I respect our kids and respect God for giving us our children is by teaching them, disciplining them and though we love them no matter what, we also let them know when we are not pleased with their choices. We don't do this to be mean, we do this so they can live! 

I know I am on a soapbox, and I know you may not agree with me, but I am truly at a point of disgust with some pre-teens and teens I am around on a regular basis, they aren't just going through their "awkward teenage stage", they are going through the "mommy and daddy don't ever tell them no, so they do what they want" stage.

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