Thursday, October 27, 2011

Worst Cook

Last year my family was into the show "Worst Cooks".  I assured them that though I am not amazing in the kitchen that I am not "one of them".  Well after several issues with dinners in the past couple of months, I think I should see if they are auditioning.  Last week I made some Turkey sausage concoction with noodles and red sauce.  I was thinking that I was hot stuff making something I don't usually make. The noodles are ready and I strain them and as I do the strainer falls over and 3/4 of my noodles go down the drain.   I wash them away and start the disposal and it isn't sounding so great... water starts rising.  Oh geez... well I have to get dinner on the table so I let that go and I finish up.  I am proud to sever up this dinner.  I made the carrots right that I had been messing up and life was good.  The tukey sausage smells good and I changed the way I made them from last time to this time.  We sit down at the table and cut into the meat and guess what.  It ended up being another 10 minutes until we started eating again.  The meet was not cooked all the way (again).  After Mike having to fix another one of my meals we then had to "plunge" the sink.  Yes, plunge it.  It took about 30 minutes and taking the pipes apart under the sink and emptying them of my noodle mess before I was putting everything away.

I can't make pizza right either.  Every time we get a pizza from winco or papa murphy's I take it out and tell the family it's dinner time and before I know it I see the pizza going right back by my face and back into the over.  I don't ever cook it long enough although to me I don't understand what is wrong with it.

Chewy Chicken.  One of my favorite dishes that I make is a cashew chicken dish.  Apparently instead of under cooking it, I am good at overcooking it.  Chewy Chicken is often a phrase said to me at dinner when I ask how everyone is enjoying it.  It will go something like this, "well it's not chewy chicken." 

Someday when we aren't poor, I think I shall give myself the gift of cooking lessons so I don't watch my family eat dinner every night in fear that I screwed it up AGAIN!

I do occasionally make a great meal.  It's just that I usually do something wrong on some part of the dish or forget to season and such.  Little susie homemaker is apparently NOT my name.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Well hello family and friends.  The Carr's have been in the Shop for major repairs.  We have obviously been gone from the blogging world for a while.  Mainly because, well what we have been going through--I'm not actually sure if anyone would believe the amount of things we have been through in the last couple of months and in the last year.  What a wild ride.  Honestly lately if feels like our engine is going out.  We badly need repairs done, but I guess sometimes it feels like we are that "Car" that is so challenging to repair and the parts have to come in from so many different places and you have to take this and that out to get to the repair spot that its just going to be a long haul. 

Our family needs prayers like crazy.  We have a lot going on and we are running so so low on gas and oil.  As we are willing to share information with others I will post a blog here and there to explain our life.  But for now, as we are being taken apart and repaired, we ask for your prayers and we thank you for you love.